Features and Strategies of Hulic Reit

Basic Missions

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    Maximizing unitholder value in the medium to long term
    Our aim at Hulic Reit, Inc. (Hulic Reit) is to make a contribution that benefits unitholders, tenants, and all other stakeholders. To this end, we are working to maximize unitholder value by maintaining and increasing income in the medium to long term and achieving growth in the size and value of our managed assets.
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    Sharing the corporate philosophy of our sponsor
    In common with our sponsor, Hulic Co., Ltd. (Hulic), we subscribe to a corporate philosophy that calls for the following: “Total commitment to our customers and the community. Creating productive environments. Creating amenity. Promoting peace of mind.”

In pursuit of our two basic missions, we concentrate investments in
Tokyo commercial properties and Next-Generation Assets Plus.

Tokyo commercial properties
Hulic Reit has identified the Tokyo commercial property market as a target for focused investment. This area, consisting of assets in commercial real estate, is one where Hulic has a strong operational track record and highly developed expertise. This area accounts for about 80% of our portfolio.
Next-Generation Assets Plus
Initiatives designed to create amenity and promote peace of mind in the society of the future are expected to expand infrastructural demand. While focusing on investment in assets expected to provide stable revenue over the long term and drawing on the expertise built up by Hulic in tenant management and other relevant areas, we will allocate about 20% of our investment portfolio to next generation plus, which targets assets that can provide such long-term stability in revenues and can contribute to maximization of unit holder value over the medium and long term, and in which we believe risk can be managed appropriately and attractive revenues can be secured.
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