Investment in Next-Generation Assets Plus

Hulic Reit, Inc. (Hulic Reit), invests in "Next-Generation Assets Plus" for which it deems that firm demand is anticipated in the future, and that the asset will contribute to the acquisition of stable long-term earnings or the maximization of unitholder value over the medium to long term. In principle, Hulic Reit stringently selects these assets after carefully examining factors such as the individual properties' profitability and the characteristics and competitiveness of the location.

Investment in Next-Generation Assets Plus

As a sponsor, Hulic Reit has a track record in leasing and development, so by investing in Next-Generation Assets Plus, for which our sponsors’ expertise and networks can be used, we can appropriately control risk while acquiring and managing properties that help to raise unitholders’ value.

"We select investment targets for Next-generation assets plus after the investment committee of Hulic Reit Management, Hulic Reit’s asset management company, carefully considers the matter from multiple perspectives based on an analysis of risks and other factors and weighs the opinion of independent external experts, as necessary. When making investments, Hulic Reit carries out due diligence on the businesses and finances of the tenant with whom we are signing a Long-term lease contract, if necessary, in addition to due diligence on the property, and after the acquisition, we perform regular and unscheduled monitoring. "

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